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Six time World Speed Reading Championship Winner


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  • Learn to Speed Read with Anne

    Anne Jones, six time World Speed Reading Championship winner

    You too can be a speedy reader! Would you like to save time and get the most from the reading you do?

    Discover how to increase your reading speed and boost your comprehension and recall.

    Six-time World Speed Reading Champion Anne Jones has helped thousands of people learn how to speed read and has spent over twenty years developing the Speedy Reader programme.

    This step by step approach to learning is positive, inspiring and effective.

    Preview the book using the link below to the publisher. You can also buy the book as a download from Blurb, or order from bookshops.

    Anne Jones Book

    Phone Anne on 01434 682 557 or email for more information.


  • Courses / Training

    Would you like to learn how to speed read with one to one tuition from expert Anne Jones?

    Speed Reading for Beginners - £250

    • Course adapted to suit each individual
    • Preliminary 20 minute meeting and three tutorials lasting 45 minutes to an hour, arranged at mutually convenient times.
    • Three months’ follow-up support by email.

    Limited places available – book now!

    Phone Anne on 01434 682 557 or email for more information.

  • About Anne Jones

    Anne Jones has won the World Speed Reading Championship six times and has made many television and radio appearances. In 2015 she was filmed by Sky, the BBC and ITV at the launch of Harper Lee's novel "Go Set A Watchman". Anne read the entire book in twenty-five minutes and thirty-one seconds, before being interviewed by local, national and international press, including The Wall Street Journal.

    Anne was a speed reading trainer and coach for twenty-four years, teaching speed reading to a wide variety of audiences, both in the UK and abroad. Her book, ‘How to be a Speedy Reader’ explains the secrets to speed reading success.

    Anne Jones reads Go Set A Watchman
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